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Past Events: 

4/20/17 @ Park Jr. High

Tween Talk: Understanding Your Tween and Helping Them Navigate the Social Scene

Description: This presentation provided parents with skills to understand the social/emotional developmental needs of 4-8th graders, the common social pressures and pitfalls, and practical parenting strategies to manage social challenges, while building their independence and self-esteem.

Presenters: Dr. Anne Guinta, PsyD

Hosted By: Ogden Positive School Climate Program

1/21/17 @ Ogden Elementary School

Raising Confident Girls: Solving Friendship Problems and Building Self-Esteem

Description: This presentation provided parents with information on the social-emotional development of their 1st-2nd grade girls, how to prevent social aggression, and parenting strategies to navigate common social challenges while building healthy self-esteem. 

Presenters: Dr. Anne Guinta, PsyD

Hosted By: Ogden Positive School Climate Program

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