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Sports Grit Clinic-  Presented by Cavaliere Training & Development, LLC 

Who is it for? 

Program is designed for kids that have experience in athletics through intramural or travel sports. There will be 3 separate groups: 

  • 3rd-5th grade boys​
  • 6th-8th grade boys
  • 6th-8th grade girls

Description and Goal: 

The program is designed to meet in a group setting with peers, while playing games and learning to master the mental skills of sports. Unique strategies will be customized based on your child's individual strengths and challenges. By the last session, your athlete will learn strategies to enhance: 

  • Confidence

  • Perseverance

  • Determination

  • Sportsmanship

  • Calming strategies

  • Dealing with "errors" and keeping their cool

Through repetition and practice, the goal is to maximize your athlete's potential that is not only transferable to their playing field, but also to their classroom, home and with peers. 

What are typical session activities? 

  • Group will engage in physical and mental exercises in a competitive environment, while learning how to attend to their body/mind cues that impact their performance.

  • Leaders will help them identify negative thoughts and behaviors, replace with more successful strategies, while learning to be a member of a team.

  • Group will recreate natural pressures of sports in order to learn how to push through discomfort and persist in the face of a challenge.
  • Kids will practice being a good sport, teammate, and take in feedback from peers and coaches. 
  • Coaches will provide weekly homework for kids to practice independently without parent support to create daily routine and self-discipline. 
  • Each group member will take home a individualized Grit Guide at the last session of the program. 

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Grit Clinic Website:


How many partipants/group? 

Min 10 / Max 25 , lead by 2-3 group leaders depending on group size.

Schedule Dates?  

All sessions begin on

Sunday, October 2nd and will run for  8 consecutive weeks, concluding on Sunday, November 20th. 

Schedule Times?  

3rd-5th Grade Boys: 8:30am-9:30am

6th-8th Grade Boys: 9:45am-10:45am

6th-8th Grade Girls: 11:00am-12:00pm


Forest Road Elementary School in LaGrange Park (901 Forest Road). 

What to bring each session?  

There will be some activities and running, so we suggest wearing gym shoes and weather appropriate attire. Bring your water bottle. 

What if athlete misses a session? 

This clinic is best experienced in real time with their group. That being said, we will provide information describing that session's lessons in writing or multimedia.

Forms of payment accepted? 

We accept credit card, Venmo, and cash or check at the time of registration. 

What is the phone policy in session? 

We ask participants to put their phones aside during session to minimze distraction. Parents will be provided Coaches contact information, as needed. 

What information do we need to provide about our child? 

Upon registration, the coaches will send out a brief questionnaire with information that will better prepare us to make this experience as beneficial as possible. we will also ask you to sign a standard waiver. 

How can I support my child during the course? 

Coaches are going to ask participants to complete daily tasks (simple practices not lasting longer than 10 minutes/day). We ask parents to not ask your child whether they have completed their daily tasks or to applaud them when they have. The tasks are intended to be independent in order to encourage each participant to autonomously achieve their goals and practice perseverance. 

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