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Our team of therapists are dedicated to providing you personalized care. We have combination of Clinical Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselors on staff who work together collaboratively and are dedicated to meeting your treatment needs. Our team is committed to keeping up to date with the most relevant evidence-based research to inform your specialized treatment plan. We value the importance of a good fit between therapist and client and care about linking you to appropriate services. We look forward to working with you.

Our Team

Anne Guinta, Psy.D. 

Clinical Psychologist, Owner

Dr. Anne Guinta specializes in the treatment of school-aged children, adolescents, parents, and adults.  Her approach is tailored to the unique needs of each client.  Whether it is working with a child or an adult, she believes that therapy can offer a meaningful opportunity for prevention and intervention when responding to challenges at any stage in life.  In her work with children, she strives to understand the world through the child’s mind while giving them a voice to express their challenges. Together with her clients, she develops practical strategies to better express and manage their symptoms to foster long-lasting change.  Her approach with children involves providing parents with support and guidance, which she believes is essential for change to occur both in and out of the home environment. 

Dr. Guinta also works individually with parents to identify strategies for home that complement their parenting style and develop effective communication skills in the child/parent relationship, as well as within the family.  Her treatment approach with adults includes exploring every-day and persistent life challenges, identifying main goals for treatment, enhancing client self-awareness, and supporting individuals in making meaningful life-long changes.  

Dr. Guinta is a proud member of the Pediatric Specialists Network (PSN). The PSN provides a unique opportunity for local specialists in various fields (pediatricians, psychologists, psychiatrists, OTs, PTs, learning specialists, etc) to come together and integrate their knowledge, expertise, and most updated research in the field of pediatrics to guide our practices. 

Dr. Guinta is a proud contributor to Get Grit Get Great, a program dedicated to teaching the mental strategies of grit to optimize performance in high pressure situations such as school and sports.

Education: Dr. Guinta completed her Master’s and Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Illinois School of Professional Psychology- Chicago. Dr. Guinta completed her clinical rotations at multiple child and adolescent agencies, university college counseling center, and outpatient community mental health center for children and adolescents.

Marissa Lally


Marissa works with children, adolescents, young adults, and parents. Marissa integrates various approaches depending on individual needs, including Psychodynamic techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Solution Focused Therapy. Marissa places a strong emphasis on the therapeutic relationship, ensuring trust and safety throughout the entire process. Marissa specializes in advocating for individuals needing accommodations and dealing with life transitions. She has experience assisting parents in obtaining and implementing 504 Accommodations and/or Individuals Education Plans (IEP), as well as, collaborating with the school team to ensure the best outcome for the client's overall success. One of Marissa’s particular strengths is working with teens and young adults during periods of transition including, shifting social dynamics, balancing academics and extracurricular activities, LGBTQ+ specific challenges, and  stressors associated with preparing and entrance into college environment. 


Education: Marissa completed her Master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling at Adler University in downtown Chicago. Marissa completed her clinical rotation at an outpatient community mental health center providing child, adolescent, adult, and group therapy. Previously, Marissa worked as a Social Worker at a therapeutic school assisting elementary and high school students to improve their mental health, as well as, maintaining their academics. 

Grace O'Brien


Grace specializes in working with children by using traditional psychotherapeutic and play therapy approaches. By understanding each individual's unique needs and perspective, Grace incorporates skill sets to help children and adolescents understand the contributing factors driving behaviors while providing strategies to make desired changes. In addition to assisting children and adolescents, Grace provides support to parents promoting a nourishing child-parent relationship. Grace is a believer in the power of play as a means of communication and the opportunities for healing and change it delivers to individuals.

Education: Grace received her Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  She specialized in using Expressive Therapies with children. Her clinical rotations include working in a Community Center and Elementary School.  She has a background working individually with children, leading groups, collaborating with school staff, developing behavioral plans, and working with special needs children.  

Ana Peterson

M.A. / LPC

Ana specializes in children and adolescent psychology and has been working alongside their families for the past ten years. She uses different therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play and Sand Tray Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Her population of interest is working with children and teens with behavioral dysregulation, executive functioning, mood disorders, and challenges in relationships. Ana also is skilled in working with higher risk youth that struggle with substance use, trauma, LGBTQ+, suicidal ideation/attempts, and hospitalizations due to psychiatric/medical issues. She also enjoys working with the LGBTQ+ population and BIPOC Folks. She believes in working with her clients on an individual basis, according to their needs and where they are at psychologically, emotionally and developmentally. Ana believes that the foundation of all therapeutic work begins with a strong and trusting relationship. When both of these needs have been met the child will begin the process of healing and growth; ultimately reach their own and unique potential.

Education: Ana obtained her Masters in Counseling Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a concentration in Child and Adolescent Psychology. She has worked in outpatient and impatient units, the Emergency Department Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago, Alexian Brothers Outpatient Behavioral Health and The Department of Child and Family Services. Her background also includes running specialized groups such as adolescent and child groups focusing on social skills, coping skills, children with ADHD/ADD and Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as diagnosis expecting mothers and post-partum groups, substance use groups. 

Tiffany Casaccio


Tiffany’s primary focus over the years have been working with children, adolescents and young adults who are dealing with anxiety or depression, adjustment issues, trauma, LGBTQ+ issues, adoption, relationship challenges and family conflict. She utilizes various approaches based on each individual’s or families’ need which include but not limited to, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Theraplay based Interventions, Solution Focused Therapy and psychodynamic. Tiffany strongly recognizes the importance of the therapeutic relationship, and puts trust and safety at the forefront. Tiffany works diligently to understand your needs, create a safe and trusted pace, and work with you to develop you own set of skills, obtain your goals, and manage this season of your life. 


Tiffany’s background includes working in private practice, school settings, residential treatment programs, and adoption programs allowing for a comprehensive array of services.


Education: Tiffany completed her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Roosevelt University in Chicago and completed her clinical rotation at St. Mary’s and Elizabeth Medical center, providing outpatient, group and Intensive Outpatient Programming services.

Kelley May


Kelley May has experience working with children, teens, and adults who are experiencing anxiety, depression, ADHD, major life transitions, stress, mood disorders, relationship challenges and/or low self-esteem. Kelley assists clients to analyze the past and present in order to gain insight on how they can cope with their situation effectively. She utilizes a holistic and collaborative approach by incorporating pscyhodynamic, strengths-based and cognitive behavioral (CBT) techniques to tailor session in order to meet clients' specific needs. Kelley has previous experience as a High School Social Worker with students to address trauma, communication difficulties, crisis situations, suicidal ideation, anxiety and depression. 

Kelley focuses on building an authentic, trusting relationship by getting to know each client and allowing them a safe space where they can express their thoughts and emotions. She assists clients in learning strategies to manage emotions, enhance their own sense of self and improve their relationships. She collaborates with clients and parents to create goals that will empower them and will lead to meaningful change. 

Education: Kelley received her Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Social Welfare & Justice from Marquette University. She received her Master's of Social Work from Loyola University Chicago. 

Our Mission

We strive to promote emotional health and wellness to the individuals and families in our area through our high standards of excellence, engagement in the community, and dedication to professional growth. By providing comprehensive psychotherapy, our goal is to enhance the emotional and behavioral functioning of children, adolescents, adults, parents, and families in order to promote a more meaningful and satisfying life experience. 

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