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Marissa Lally, CRC, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Marissa works with children, adolescents, young adults, and parents. Marissa integrates various approaches depending on individual needs, including Psychodynamic techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy (ERP). Marissa places a strong emphasis on the therapeutic relationship, ensuring trust and safety throughout the entire process. Marissa specializes in advocating for individuals needing accommodations and dealing with life transitions. She has experience assisting parents in obtaining and implementing 504 Accommodations and/or Individuals Education Plans (IEP), as well as, collaborating with the school team to ensure the best outcome for the client's overall success. One of Marissa’s particular strengths is working with teens and young adults during periods of transition including, shifting social dynamics, balancing academics and extracurricular activities, and stressors associated with preparing and entrance into college environment. Marissa is also a member of the International OCD Foundation and has been trained to work wiht individuals or parents whose children struggled with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Education: Marissa completed her Master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling at Adler University in downtown Chicago. Marissa completed her clinical rotation at an outpatient community mental health center providing child, adolescent, adult, and group therapy. Previously, Marissa worked as a Social Worker at a therapeutic school assisting elementary and high school students to improve their mental health, as well as, maintaining their academics.


Call 773-888-2602 or email our Office Manager, Renee Bowman at  to schedule an appointment. 

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