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Anne Guinta, Psy.D.

Owner, Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

Anne Guinta specializes in the treatment of school-aged children, adolescents, parents, and adults.  Her approach is tailored to the unique needs of each client.  Whether it is working with a child or an adult, she believes that therapy can offer a meaningful opportunity for prevention and intervention when responding to challenges at any stage in life.  In her work with children, she strives to understand the world through the child’s mind while giving them a voice to express their challenges. Together with her clients, she develops practical strategies to better express and manage their symptoms to foster long-lasting change.  Her approach with children involves providing parents with support and guidance, which she believes is essential for change to occur both in and out of the home environment. 

Dr. Guinta also works individually with parents to identify strategies for home that complement their parenting style and develop effective communication skills in the child/parent relationship, as well as within the family.  Her treatment approach with adults includes exploring every-day and persistent life challenges, identifying main goals for treatment, enhancing client self-awareness, and supporting individuals in making meaningful life-long changes.  

Dr. Guinta is a proud member of the Pediatric Specialists Network (PSN). The PSN provides a unique opportunity for local specialists in various fields (pediatricians, psychologists, psychiatrists, OTs, PTs, learning specialists, etc) to come together and integrate their knowledge, expertise, and most updated research in the field of pediatrics to guide our practices. 

Dr. Guinta is a proud contributor to Get Grit Get Great, a program dedicated to teaching the mental strategies of grit to optimize performance in high pressure situations such as school and sports.

Education: Dr. Guinta completed her Master’s and Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Illinois School of Professional Psychology- Chicago. Dr. Guinta completed her clinical rotations at multiple child and adolescent agencies, university college counseling center, and outpatient community mental health center for children and adolescents.


Call 773-888-2602 or email our Office Manager, Renee Bowman at  to schedule an appointment. 

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